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Attitude of gratitude will bring you success in every area in your life if use.


It will bring you abundance much quicker, almost in a mystical way.


Scientific studies have shown those who practice the attitude of gratitude mentality are more focus on their goals, more appreciative on life and have healthier lifestyles.

Remember when you was little and the ice cream truck came around and after you got your water ice or bomb pops (you know the red, blue, and white popsicle) you were so thankful.


Believe it or not after I got older I realize that the ice cream man had his favorite streets or stops that he would do. He seen the attitude of gratitude in our faces which made him make sure he would park for a few minutes on our street just so we don’t miss him.


Most times we won’t get what we want until we appreciate the things we have.


Crazy as this sounds, its true!


When you release your thankfulness to the universe more of what you are thankful of will come back to you.


That’s a fact…..


Don’t believe me, try it.


I Dare you…… consistently use your attitude of gratitude and watch what happens.


I remember I used to struggled with paying my electric bill (you know having 6 people in the house was hard to keep it low) and my focus was just complaining about it.


Which didn’t do any good.


And I remember reading in the bible give thanks for everything.


So I’m thinking to myself…… “Ok, I will try it” because at this point it can get cut off any day now.


So I started to show appreciation that I had a home and electric and all my family was in good health.


I used to consistently do this and the bill consistently got bigger.


Until one day my wife suggested that we should apply for assistance and she said they would pay a small portion of it.


I’m thinking its probably not going to work I make a decent income.


However, I said fine it can’t hurt.




………..To make a long story short


Not only did they pay a small portion they paid the whole bill. (and believe me by this time it was in the 1,000's)




My attitude of gratitude worked!


After finding this out I was really giving thanks! God heard me!


After this situation I have adopted the attitude of gratitude into my life, not only because it bring things toward you.


In the midst of it, it makes you look at life differently.


It slows you down so you can STOP to look at life and appreciated it more.